Wendy Bissett Beaver – MaeisArt

“I paint local scenes of Nova Scotia which will add colour to your home or business. I also offer Prints On Canvas for local businesses to enhance their spaces! Hopefully, my paintings invite viewers to explore their neighbourhoods and make new visual discoveries for themselves! “
– Wendy

Well known for her profusion of bold and vibrant hues, oversized suns and moons, and shapes that are delineated with dark outlines, Wendy Bissett Beaver (MaeisArt), invites the viewer to explore her artistic world.

Wendy works to develop paintings that speak to her and to others about the beauty that exists in the everyday world. She is fascinated by colour, shape and form and believes the imperfections and oddities in real life makes things much more interesting. She wants to capture the images you see and bring them to life in her own distinctive way.

Wendy prefers working with acrylics and ink and loves to spend hours on a painting capturing the uniqueness and details of the scene she is working on. Her commissioned works include specific scenes, and clients’ homes.

Wendy has held many solo shows in The Dart Gallery and also has a permanent exhibit at Seventy3 Fusion. She also ran and exhibited in The Cole Harbour Harvest Festival Art Gallery and Sale for the last 4 years. Cafe Marco Polo (King’s Wharf) is also filled with her prints on canvas. Her paintings can be found in collections across Canada and internationally.

Wendy lives and works in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia!

Wendy Bissett Beaver
Owner/Artist MaeisArt Gallery
890 Portland St.
Dartmouth, NS

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