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At our MBA meetings it is not uncommon to have guest speakers.  Luke MacDonald, who is the driver locally of introducing this concept and personally fundraising for the bikes, presented to us.  Our group felt his initiative was so important that we would take this one as one of our major fundraising projects.


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Behavioral Management Techniques to help parents and educators “reframe” a child’s behaviors.  This concept is widely researched and proven to help children pay attention, ignore distractors and impulses, modulated their emotions, and overall maintain a state of being calmly focused and alert.

Our fundraising event was even more success than we could have hoped!

MBA members and guests that were sponsored raised $4,400. Then we had the support of Scotiabank’s Community Grant which donated $4,000. That is a total of $8,400!

This will purchase 11 bikes that will be donated to local schools in Dartmouth.

Sparks Fly Cycling Strong article in the Dartmouth Tribune

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