Advocate Art

Advocate Art Lamination equipment, promotional products, plaque mounting and sports wear are some of the great products and services you will find at Advocate Art.

Promotional Products

  • Customized 3M products (such as Post-it)
  • Customized matches
  • Bags & accessories, aprons, umbrellas
  • Watches, stop watches, pedometers, time pieces
  • Wide variety of bags, pillow covers, bottle holders
  • Mugs, key rings, pens, golf, clocks, desk items, tools
  • Coasters, napkins, mints, tissues
  • Decals, rulers, plastics, magnets, desk items
  • Tools, glassware, pens, desk items
  • Neoprene products
  • Customized calendars
  • Balloons, kites, toys
  • Leather goods
  • Creative gifts, PR products
  • Jewellery, pewter, plaques, medallions, ribbons,badges
  • Picture frames
  • Coffee pots, wine buckets, trays, chafing dishes
  • Golf clubs, curling stones
  • Key rings, pens, golf, clocks, desk items, tools
  • Headwear, bags, business accessories
  • Name badges, signs, identification tags
  • Tissue packs, wipes, etc.
  • Lighters, flashlights


  • Hats, ball caps, tuques
  • Lanyards, convention accessories
  • Outdoor, casual, shirts, sports, accessories
  • Track suits
  • Specialty sports wear – sports uniforms
  • Luggage
  • Gloves

Plaque Mounting

Plaque mounting or clear mounting is still the heart of our business. If you need one picture or many, talk to us. We have a wide assortment of mat and trim colours and styles. If you have a special photo you’re looking to do a little extra with, let us know!


Telephone:  902-476-6840

Contact:  Ron Norquay

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