Winning 10 Minute Presentations

Members of the Metro Business Association are encouraged to sign up to give a 10 minute presentation at our weekly meetings.  There are three important things to consider when giving your presentation:  What to talk about, What NOT to talk about, and how to educate your listeners.

Always keep the end result of your presentation in mind – Referrals.  Talk about your services and/or products, and the type of customers you want.  Talk about what your best customers buy and why they buy it.  Talk about how you want to grow or expand your business.

Don’t talk about your personal life or why you started your business – other than a brief biography, if necessary.  Use the networking time before and after meetings to get to know members better or, better yet, make an appointment to visit other members and learn about their business first hand.

The bottom line is to educate your fellow members about your business, your customers, and your plans.  Your 10 minute presentation can help you create an excellent sales team you can check in with weekly.

Set up displays before the meeting starts and place handouts around the table.  You don’t want to distract anyone from your presentation.  It is customary for presenters to offer a “door prize” after the presentation.  Gifts should be between $15 and $25 and be useful to the winner.  Try to make the gift reflect your business – don’t give cash.


  • A minute or two for a self-introduction (brief biography or resume)
  • A minute or two about your business (services/products, location/area, unique/innovative
  • A few minutes to describe how you helped solve a customer’s problem.  Tell about the problem, what you did to solve it, and how the customer benefited from the solution.
  • A few minutes describing other benefits of your product/service.
  • A minute or two asking for specific types of referrals.

Remember to be specific when you ask for a referral so your sales team can find the perfect customers for you.

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