Nancy Roberts Ceramic Sculpture

Leaf Scorpion

I play with clay!  And I make playful things like the leaf scorpion here.

I also make sculpture to your idea. For instance, keychain fobs as a giveaway for your business or the appetite-driven brain underway for MBA member Doc Christine.

The slideshow below will tell you more. I’ll be happy to show you even more if you wish.

My current gallery is Visual Voice in Truro. I’ll have a show there this spring or summer.

I just installed a garden sculpture at White Point Resort. It’s in the slideshow.

My show Fishful Thinking runs May 12–June 9 at Visual Voice Gallery in Truro.  See the fishy items in the slideshow, and there are a lot more in Truo…

Contact me about anything clay!

Nancy Roberts   902 461-1986


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